Forever Fit offers 1 FREE, NO COMMITMENT consultation and express workout before the purchase of any sessions. 

To schedule your FREE consultation and express workout, please fill out the form in the "Contact" tab or call us at (985)974-1741.

​Custom Packages are available. All sessions expire within 90 days of purchase.
​Personal Training Packages:

One-on-One Personal Training:

One 45 minute Personal Training Session: $50 or $45 when you purchase 3 or more

Twelve 45 minute personal training sessions: $515


Small Group Training Packages (2 - 3 participants): 

One 45 minute session: $65, $60 when you purchase 3 or more 

Twelve 45 minute sessions: $650

Skype Personal Training​:

Twelve 30 minute sessions: $360

This is a great option if you live outside of the Katy area! You can have all of the same benefits of working with a trainer in person by simply connecting via Skype for the scheduled session.


​Online Personal Training: $85/month or $40/month if you have a current personal training package purchased

​This includes a profile within the trianing software, Gostatz. Workouts complete with video/picture instruction will be uploaded to your profile weekly. All workouts will individually customized to meet your specific goals. Your trainer will check in with you regularly and monitor that the workouts are being completed. Phone appointments will be scheduled twice per month to follow up on progress and reset goals.